Travel Must Haves

One of my favorite things to do in life is travel. There is something about venturing into a different city, trying new things, taking in all the views and just broadening your horizons that make me feel alive. Travel should be more of a learning process than a break. Honestly if you want to relax, turn off your devices , stock up on your comfort food, run a bath and binge watch whatever show or movie you feel like! When I travel I like to feel more like a local than a typical tourist, I love taking pictures but I prefer to live in the moment more. It’s a wonderful feeling and I believe for the most part it helps you to become a better person. Now I’m thinking I might start a travel series ( Travel Thursdays anyone ? ), but to kick it off I wanted to share my travel must haves. Whether I’m boarding a 17 hr flight or a 2 hr one, here is a list of things that I always have in my carry on :


1. Headphones

No need of an explanation here. I always have my headphones with me, no matter where I go. When I travel I prefer the noise cancelling type. The ones I’m currently using are by the brand FRENDS and it is in the yellow gold and white colour.


2. Dry Shampoo

I have a very oily scalp and my hair begins to look greasy after a certain point so this is a life saver. It’s a quick and simple way to refresh your look without going through too much trouble. My personal favourite is the Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo. It works best for me and doesn’t leave any white residue.


3. Phone Charger

Make sure to keep your phone turned off or on airplane mode while you are on the flight or else your battery will die out. I usually carry my charger in my purse because many flights these days have power points in your seats so you can charge your device in flight.  Another product that I have my eye on is the Juice Cube. It is an ingenious device that can store up to a full battery of charge so when you are running low on power just plug it in and voila ! Your phone will be brought back to life.


4. Travel Size Perfume 

Travel size perfumes, body sprays or even just those samples you get in magazines or the department store. Bring one with you,  it will instantly refresh you once you land.


5.  Tissues and Tylenol

It is extremely easy to catch a cold on whilst traveling. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and in order to stay well during my trip I always have my allergy medicine with me. Personally I also keep Sinex with me because it acts as a sleeping aid during long flights. Tylenol will help you weather jet lag more easily and just do what it does best, relieve pain. Tissues are a necessity because you will never know when you will need it the most.


6. Hand Sanitser and Wet Wipes

You will come in contact all kinds of germs and things just ready to make you fall sick. Don’t forget to carry either a sanitiser or wet wipes with you.


7. Neck Pillow

To prevent a neck cramp and just to help you relax because we all know how comfortable traveling really is. It’s all about feeling better and enjoying the ride.


8. Magazines

This is mandatory for me, but it doesn’t have to be just magazines. Bring a book, newspaper or download a movie or an episode of your favourite show. It helps kill the time and also I’m just obsessed with magazines!


Finally my last tip is something that I read in an article in SEVENTEEN magazine years ago! This acronym is going to make sure you don’t leave the most important things (except for your ticket, DO NOT FORGET THAT) behind before you head out, whether you are just leaving your house to run an errand or traveling across the country.



I : ID



That about sums it up for my first travel related post. I hope this helps, please hit subscribe and happy travels !


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