Friday Favorites

I know everybody does this and I’m not even trying to make it original with a cutesy name but honestly I’m going to have to say one of the reasons for starting this blog was so that I could post my own list of favorite things every week. Lauren Conrad’s post always brighten up my weekends and inspire me to try new things. It’s wonderful having something so simple to look forward to every week so I hope you enjoy my little attempt at sharing my favorite finds for this week!



1. Favorite Food

For some inexplicable reason I have had a craving for ramen noodles lately. I usually associate it with exams and all nighters so it was a bit unusual for me since I don’t have to stress over a test for the next few weeks. Even though nothing compares to the comfort of eating the ramen straight out of it’s container with the flimsy plastic fork, I felt like spicing it up a bit. While googling fancier alternatives I came across a BuzzFeed post that had a bunch of gourmet recipes and I found one that I just cannot wait to try.


2. Favorite Quote 

I am a sucker for meaningful quotes about life and I have about a few hundred saved in my phone and photo library. Now this quote in particular really struck a cord with me. It’s a beautiful motivational quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald and it fit’s perfectly with my current mindset so I just had to include it in my list.


3. Favorite Make Up

I’ve been in love with these cheek stains by Tarte for about six years now. I still remember the first time I bought it at Sephora back in 2008. It was in the colour “Blissful” and it was a perfect lightweight blush option for the warmer months. I’ve always wanted to buy the entire collection with all the gorgeous colours but realistically that wasn’t going to happen. So you can just imagine my excitement when I saw this collection on the website. It’s the same product but it received a makeover and now the packaging is as cute as ever. The set includes all eight shades and it comes in a cute little box. I’m still contemplating over whether I should buy it or not but it’s definitely a beauty must have.



4. Favorite Dress

I’m kind of over winter at this point and have already started dreaming about all the cute spring trends I can dive into. I really love the California beach babe look and this dress is just perfection to me.


5. Favorite View

Every time I’m in California, I try my best to catch as many sunsets and sunrises as possible. While I don’t tend to be a romantic, these views are truly breathtaking. This is a picture I took at Santa Monica beach in one of my most recent trips.

Well these were my favourite finds for this week I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it and have a great weekend. Please subscribe!



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