Favorite Scents

I like to think of myself as a perfume enthusiast. It is impossible for me to go a day without a spritz of my current favorite scent. It’s an instant confidence booster and it’s the most simplest way to feel pretty in just seconds.

Here is a list of my favorite fragrances that will leave everyone guessing!


Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture

The sweet and flirty scent is a mix of wild berries, vanilla, mandarin and jasmine. It’s the perfect way to add a little oomph into your everyday life. With all it’s different variations over the past few years, this has remained a fan favorite.



 Vera Wang Princess 

This is a fun and girly scent with notes of waterlilly , mandarin meringue, amber, dark chocolate and pink frosting. It’s pretty, soft and feminine will linger on you for the entire day.



Honey by Marc Jacobs

A cool and sassy scent by Marc Jacobs. It is a combination of orange blossom, green pears, mandarin with a base of honey and vanilla. It’s a wonderful everyday scent and is not too overpowering.



Chanel No 5

The ultimate timeless classic is a bold concoction of ylang ylang, mayrose and Jasmine. This warm scent is an instant spritz of sexy. There is a reason why countless women around the planet swear by this beautiful sultry scent.



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