Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! So I’ve been busy with dance rehearsals, tests and just catching up with some good friends. I was organising a social event with my friend at our college together and we were busy going over all the little details and raising funds. It all went down great and it’s safe to say it’s been an amazing week with a bunch of wonderful memories. So here are a few of my favorites !


1. Favorite Bauble

I am obsessed with this beautiful necklace I bought from Accessorize. I recently did some damage at the store and picked up a bunch of pretty baubles but this by far is the one I have been wearing the most. It is the key piece that I base my outfits around lately and it is the perfect amount of understated glam.


2. Favorite Organizer

My Lily Pulitzer agenda is an essential for me. It helps me keep all my school work organised and stay on track with all my classes.


3. Favorite Quote

I don’t think I can have a favourites list without a quote. This week I’ve been inspired by this little find I came across while scrolling through my Facebook news feed. It was the perfect pick me up during the middle of the week.


4. Favorite Snack 

The one food that I missed the most from home while I was travelling was definitely fuchka. It is hands down the best street food ever. It is comforting and just feels like home to me.


5. Favorite Beauty Inspiration 

This is a look from the Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I love the contrast between the sharp matte kohl line and the shine from the sequins. This is quite a severe look so I’m going to experiment around with it and try to come up with something that is more everyday friendly.

Have a great weekend!

xox Mandy


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