Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Single Girl

I’ve never really been  a fan of Valentine’s day and I’m not even sure what all the hype is about. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you are being constantly bombarded by the media about how you need to be in a relationship on this day. It is normal to end up with a crummy feeling because maybe you donot have a silly valentine and yet somehow everyone and their grandmother is on a date. However that is most definitely not the end of the world. So here is a list of things a single girl or guy could do on 14th February




Treat yourself to all the decadent goodies that are especially tailored for this time of the year. I love chocolate strawberries, macaroons and pink champagne. It makes you feel luxurious and you don’t necessarily have to buy the pricey GODIVA or Laduree kind. There are tons of simple recipes for you to try and then you can continue to stuff your face sans the dent in your wallet.



This one is a no brainer. Exfoliate, wax, put on a face mask , get highlights, do your nails or just relax in tub of bubbly goodness. This is the perfect excuse to try out one of the delicious smelling bath bombs from LUSH. You will end up looking and feeling like a million bucks.





Shopping is my greatest vice. Nothing compares to finally getting your hands on that coveted designer bag or just those perfect fit American Eagle jeans that make your butt look amazing. I mean do not go crazy but have fun with it.



What’s better than a boyfriend/girlfriend? The best friends that are there for you no matter what and can make you smile from any corner of the earth. Go out for brunch, go clubbing or just stay in and watch movies and fill up on all kinds of junk food. When you are surrounded by good people there is no way you will be feeling down.



Donate some of your time and give back to people who are in need. You can go donate blood, give away clothes that are lightly worn or just help a friend paint their walls. You will end up feeling a lot better about yourself and maybe just help bring a smile to someone else’s face for a change.


I hope you enjoyed reading my little post and have the best Valentine’s day this year!

xox  Mandy


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