Everything you NEED to know about Gel Nails

Unless you have been living under a rock (or not) you have probably heard about gel nails. It’s the latest trend in the world of #ManiMonday and it seems that everyone and their grandma is getting these done. At first I wasn’t even sure what this new technique meant. Were they like acrylic nails ? Or just a shinier new polish? What exactly set them apart and why were nail salons across the globe charging $20-40 dollars more just to have them done?

After a lot of contemplating and extensive research I had decided on getting them done the very first week of January. Now I mainly wanted to write this post to help other girls out there who are also confused or just misinformed about this type of nail polish. So before you head out to the salon or buy some drugstore alternative, I strongly urge you to take a few minutes and read what I have to say.

My experience was quite interesting to say the least. It started of marvelously but slowly turned into a nightmare because I honestly didn’t know what to do afterwards.

Let’s begin with the Pros

1. They will last you chip free for about 2-3 weeks minimum.
2. They look gorgeous and I have never had shinier and smoother nails in my life.
3. Very easy to manage and dries in less than 10-15 mins, so perfect to get done on one of those extra hectic weeks.
4. Now available at salons and drugstores so you can even do them yourself at home.


1. Gel nails will leave a dent in your wallet.
2. A nightmare to remove.
3. Excessive use may end up damaging your nail beds.
4. Although the polish doesn’t chip, your nails will grow.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get them done, by all means do as you please. They will look incredible and it’s wonderful for people like me who smudge their polish moments after applying it. However let me elaborate on my story to give you better insight on what I’m going on about.

I went to get my nails done earlier this year and I was set on getting some nail art done but the lady at the salon convinced me to try gel nails out. I was already quite keen on getting gel nails so it didn’t take a lot of convincing to get me to agree. It took about 15 mins total for the polish to be applied and dried on both my hands which was amazing. The lady then went on insisting that I touch my nails and see what a difference it is and OMG was I in for a shock. It was completely dried and smooth to the touch, and it was sooo SHINY. The color seemed to be more vibrant and everything was better in that moment. Satisfied with the wonderful results I happily paid the extra twenty bucks and got started with my day. You won’t believe the number of compliments I had received that week alone and the best part I was traveling and I was super excited to test out it’s smudge proof abilities. Usually when I’m traveling I always have to carry those nail polish remover wipes and my nail polish because I’m always getting chips here and there but this trip was different. Not even a scratch! It was the best thing ever.

After 3 weeks of picture perfect nails I decided to remove my polish and that is where all my troubles began. Guess what ? The lady lied, it doesn’t come off with regular nail polish remover, it requires acetone. After a lot of googling and watching a bunch YouTube tutorials I gave it another shot but this time I ended up scratching up my nails and was left with streaks of polish stuck on my nails. It was not a pretty sight and on top of everything I couldn’t find my nail buffer and acetone isn’t readily available in Bangladesh. It was awful and my nails looked disgusting. I would go over my nails with a few coats of regular polish just to mask it’s ugliness but that went only so far. That week was horrible for me in the nail department, and to top it all off after all the mess with my hands I broke my toe nails and they were looking equally ghastly.

Anyways after about a week and half of zombie nails I finally got a hold of some acetone and miraculously found my little buffing block.
TheBeautyDepartment has a great step by step post on how to remove gel nails and I followed it accordingly. It was wonderful to have my nails back to normal and everything was right again in the world. I used to always criticize my mother when she would complain about a broken nail but I can now truly empathize.

Now I don’t mean to scare anyone off but I’m just giving you a fair warning. If you do get gel nails done, go have them removed at a salon or make sure that you are equipped with :

1. Pure Acetone
2. Orange stick
3. Aluminum foil
4. Nail file
5. Nail Buffer
6. Cotton Balls

If you have all that in your arsenal then get gel nails as soon as possible. Just go easy on your nails because the removing process does take a toll on your nail beds.


xox Mandy


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