Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Everybody!
I was traveling this past week and had some exams right after I got back home which is my explanation for the lack of inactivity on my blog. I truly enjoy posting on this site, it is something I look forward to do everyday.

I have set a few goals for myself and I’m trying hard to stick to them. It is soo easy to get caught up with daily life and then before you can catch a break, there in that instant begins the slippery slope of past mistakes.

I’m getting better I hope and I’m trying to post as often as I can. I genuinely hope someone out there enjoys reading my posts!

Well that was a long I intro, let’s get into my favorites shall we :


Favorite Look
I absolutely adored the Chanel Fall RTW 2014 runway! The supermarket theme was ingenious (or I am just a bit biased towards Chanel). It was a beautiful show and I’m totally pumped about incorporating some of the looks into my spring wardrobe !


Favorite Shoe
While creating one of my fashion sets on, I came across these beauties! I’m in love with these Rebecca Minkoff sandals and have already purchased these. Just waiting on the DHL man to get them to me ASAP!


Favorite Quote

This quote is a valuable life lesson and something most people should always keep in mind.


Favorite Human

Shailene Woodley is just killing it! She is starring in two upcoming book adaptations this year, the Divergent series and The Fault in Our Stars. Despite being a typical fangirl I truly admire Shailene. She has some strong beliefs and principles for someone who is just 22! She has this understated chic sense of style and seems to be so down to earth. I just love her.


Favorite Project

World Water Day is on 22nd March, and UNICEF came up with a brilliant idea that helps provide clean water to children in need all over the globe. Basically for every ten minutes you don’t use your phone, UNICEF’s sponsors and donors will fund a day of clean water to kids who need it the most. Whoever is reading this, I urge you to participate in this cause and just donate 10 mins of your time!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Please excuse my banter, I did not in any way mean to sound whine-y!
Keep smiling and have an amazing weekend
xox Mandy


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