Friday Favorites

Hello to all you wonderful people who are taking a few moments of time to read this! I’ve had quite the nostalgic week and the 90s version of me was unleashed. I’m sure my favorite things will give some insight to what I’ve been enjoying


Favorite Throwback
So I’ve loved overalls for as long as I can remember and even when they went out of style I was still in the search for finding a pair since I had outgrown mine! After a lot of trial and error I have found the magic pair from American Eagle Outffiters and they fit me perfect! I mean I didn’t feel like taking them off and it was as if I had travelled through time and was 8 years old again! I was exuberant the entire time I had them on. My jelly sandals are on their way to my doorstep to complete this look!



Favorite Beauty
Although Soap & Glory products have recently been launched in the US, I’ve been loving their hand cream and body products for almost a decade now. I got a gift set of their body products over this Christmas and I’ve started using the body wash and body butter. I’m obsessed once again! The body wash and the body butter’s scent is delicious, they are very creamy and feel so luxurious.


Favorite Quote

Yesterday marked the first storm in Dhaka for this season and I couldn’t be more delighted. It’s my favorite type of weather and although I have yet to read the book, I love this quote by John Green. It is simple, beautiful and romantic.



Favorite Memory
I played Holi this past week and if you are unfamiliar with the festivities, it is basically an amazing color and water fight. It is so much fun and is the first time I’ve played since 2010. I loved every second of it and I’m still trying to wash out the colors from my skin and nails.





Favorite Food
I’ve been loving plain old grilled cheese sandwiches this past week. I’m not exactly sure why but I feel the recent surge of nostalgia has something to do with it.

Have fun this weekend!
xo Mandy


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