Friday Favorites

This past week has definitely been one of the worst ones for 2014. The universe refused to work in my favor hence the post of my Friday favorites on a Saturday.

Now I’ve been debating with myself whether I should just go ahead and post an Unfavorite list instead, but the world has enough hate as it is and it certainly doesn’t need any assistance from me. So here are the few things that made me smile :



Favorite Outfit

Manish Malhotra is hands down my favorite Indian designer of all time. I’ve been in love with his work for many years now and I’ve been slowly building my collection. My latest find was this gorgeous blue and yellow (my favorite colors) saree at his flagship store in Delhi. I bought it last month and it was sent for alterations to fit me perfectly, so it’s been a waiting game ever since. It finally came in the mail this past Monday and I cannot wait to wear it sometime in the not so distant future.


Favorite Movie

I watched She’s All That and I fell in love with Freddie Prinze Jr. all over again. This is one my all time favorite chick flicks and it always helps me feel better when I’m having a bad day.


Favorite Quote

So as I have mentioned earlier this clearly wasn’t a good week for me and this quote resonated within me. Think about it. We’re all better of alone every now and then.


Favorite Beauty

I love this product by Macadamia Oil. It feels lighter cos it’s in a spray form and is really easy to apply. I use this everyday and it really helps keep the frizzies away and my hair tame. I’ve also noticed my hair feels a lot more healthy than before which is always a good thing.


Hope your days are going better than mine!



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