Friday Favorites

After an epic start to the weekend with a trip back to my high school and meeting up with a ton of familiar faces, it was a pretty chill week. Sunday was a blast and then I spent a day just getting pretty with facials, manicures and a bit of waxing. Here are a list of the things I loved.


Favorite Fashion Trend

I recently bought this kimono from MissGuided UK and I’m in love. It’s lacy, dainty, feminine and adds a nice twist to a simple outfit. I feel amazing when I put it on.


Favorite Quote
Moral of the story, don’t give up. It’s not worth it.


Favorite Refreshment

With temps rising it can only mean one thing. PINK LEMONADE. I love the drink and whenever Spring/Summer rolls in, I just got to have it.


Favorite Person

Brooke Davis. Last week I mentioned my renewed obsession of One Tree Hill and Brooke has had a big impact on me. She is strong independent individual who stands up for what she believes in and even though she makes several mistakes along the way, she always comes out on top.


Favorite ManiMonday

I love my nails right now and have been receiving many compliments over this bright and fun nail look.

That about wraps it up for this week.
Until next time, keep smiling!
xo Mandy


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