Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everybody! The weather’s been nice and I’ve been working on getting back in shape for the summer. I still don’t have any concrete plans but I’ll figure it out eventually! Here’s what I’ve been loving :
Favorite Bauble
How cute is this bracletet from Kate Spade? I just had to have it as soon as I laid my eyes upon it.

Favorite Gizmo
I first tried the Nespresso machine last fall when I was staying with my aunt in Toronto and I’ve been meaning to get my hands on one ever since. This is the Umilk machine and it makes an amazing cup of coffee which is a rare treat here in Dhaka.


Favorite TV Show

To be completely honest I only gave this show a chance the moment I heard that Nathan Scott aka James Lafferty was in the show. You really don’t get to see much of him(though every second is oh so glorious), the show itself is actually quite interesting and I’m guilty of binge watching all 7 episodes this past Sunday.


Favorite Quote

I’m a sole believer in karma and that alone stops me from biting certain people’s heads off but this quote helps me stick to the right path.


Favorite Throwback

My older brother just finished his undergrad yesterday and I am a very proud sister! It just got me thinking of how far we’ve come, it seems like yesterday we were getting creeped out watching Goosebumps on Saturday mornings and then started to fight over some toy or the other.

xo Mandy


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