4 in the Morning


Hello from Dubai! It’s pretty late here in the desert and the temp is at 29 degrees. En route to Los Angeles from Dhaka, I have a layover of about 8 hrs here in the lavish city. I’ve been visiting Dubai since 2000 and it never fails to impress me by just how modern it has become over the years. It’s constantly developing and the architecture keeps getting taller and more awe inspiring. It’s a beautiful mix of lights, culture and innovation.

Emirates Airlines offers free chauffeur service to their Business and First class passengers to and from the airport. It’s a unique service of this city that I always appreciate and another reason for me to love flying Emirates. They also provide hotels to the upper tier passengers if they have a layover of 8 hours or more. So as fate would have it I’m writing this post from my gorgeous room at the JW Marriott Marquis hotel. So far I’ve hit the gym for about 30 mins, then took a lovely bath and now am all cosy in my bed. I honestly would never had considered this hotel had I booked on my own via Expedia or some other travel website. I’m pretty biased towards the Armani Hotel mainly because a) it’s Armani b) it’s connected to the Dubai Mall, so had it not been for the hotel voucher I’d probably never have tried it out.


I have two more hours to kill before I head back to the airport. Still awaiting to see the exclusive First Class lounge and all of it’s glory. Au Revoir for now!


xo Mandy


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