Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everybody! Sorry for the long gap between posts but I’m back now and I’ll get back to my schedule again. I’ve been busy trying to lose weight for the summer and with Memorial Day right around the corner, I have my eyes on this pretty white dress that I can’t wait to wear. Apart from that it’s been family time here in Arizona and I should be heading back home soon!

Here are a few of my favorites :

Favorite Shampoo

I didn’t love this shampoo the first time I tried it last year but now I don’t have a single complaint. It really cleans your hair and removes all the gunk out. So refreshing to use after going a day or two without washing your hair.


Favorite Treat

This is the best thing to have to cool off in this sweltering heat without adding up too much sugar and calories! I love the Lime Popsicles the best.


Favorite Quote

Sometimes silence is key.


Favorite Read
This is your average light young adult read and you will absolutely devour it, if you’re into Sarah Dessen or John Green books.


Favorite Film

I’ve watched many movies these past two weeks but this has to be my favorite. Yes I’m extremely biased towards Tom Hiddleston but Only Lovers Left Alive is everything I would love in a good story. It has vampires, a love story, good music and good acting.

Have a lovely weekend!
xo Mandy


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