Love in Blue

Engagement, effacement, lie and presentation.
I jotted down the last answers to my exam and let the sense of relief takeover. Another day , another exam and now it was time to unwind. Given that I had a relatively basic week for a typical med student, sleep was of utmost priority, followed by a solid dose of fun.

I dolled up and did my best to cover up my horrid dark circles that now leave me to look like a panda bear and I was all set to go out. We decided to go to Mermaid Cafe this weekend, which is hands down the best place to go to in Dhaka city for delicious seafood, a lush setting and generally a very relaxing time. The food heavenly and although it’s extremely rich in calories, you can never go wrong with fried calamari. Mermaid cafe has a wonderful beach-y ambience that always hits home for the California girl inside me.



Top : Forever 21
Skirt : Lulu’s
Necklace : Bauble Bar
Bag : Dior
Belt : Forever New
Shoes : Forever 21
Sunglasses : Chanel

On my friend

Top : H&M
Jeans : Pacsun
Shoes : Rebecca Minkoff
Earrings : H&M
Sunglasses : American Eagle Outfitters







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