Cookies and Crème

Now that the holidays have come to an end and I’m about to embark on my last semester in college, I’ve been working on refining my style a bit. During a recent trip to Singapore I decided to give the black and white summer look a try. I spent that day shopping with my best friend up and down Orchard Road, letting my inner Blair Waldorf loose. This is my idea of the perfect shopping outfit with no fuss and no frills but still put together enough to not look sloppy. We had to walk around about 5 km that day and I’m pleased to inform you that my heels did not disappoint. Obviously after a long day of walking my feet were quite sore but overall these heels are so comfortable and most definitely worth the investment. We had a lovely day shopping, eating sushi and taking in the visual treats that Singapore has to offer. All in all it was the epitome of girl bonding with moments straight out of a Hilary Duff flick.





I’ve fallen hard for crop tops as of late and Topshop just knows what up. They seem to carry every style tailored to my needs and since losing some weight over the summer, I finally mustered up the nerve to rock one of these babies out in daylight for the whole world to see.  I mixed my high street fashion staples with more luxury designer pieces to give it the extra kick. I kept the outfit, make up and accessories pretty simple to let the top take centre stage. 

 Outfit of the Day


Skirt : Cotton On

Heels : Saint Laurent

Bag : Chanel

Watch : Chanel 

Earrings : Chanel




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