Sushi Express

On our first day in Singapore, after about four hours and three kilometers of walking our stomachs were ravenous for some kind of grub. We took the MRT from Raffles place to the City Hall station and were on our way to the hotel. Since we had dinner reservations for that night we wanted to grab a light lunch and were contemplating which restaurant to try. Sushi is usually our go to choice and we found this little gem at the City Link Mall.


It’s your average run of the mill sushi restaurant but with each plate at S$ 1.50 ++ and delicious sushi that we didn’t find a reason to complain.



To my surprise I actually really enjoyed the sushi, the quality surpassed my expectations and we had to go in for seconds! We played it safe and first tried the shrimp and salmon nigiri. The salmon sashimi was nothing to write home about but given that price we were paying I didn’t mind one bit. Now my favorite was the lobster salad roll. I’ve never tried something like it and was hesitant, but it truly was heavenly.

Other than the already budget friendly prices, our meal came with complimentary green tea and water. It is a nice, clean and simple place to grab a quick bite that packs quite the punch.

We did want to go back however unlike our first visit when we walked right in, there was a long line of twenty to thirty people waiting to get a seat.





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