Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everybody! There is only a week left until I turn 22 and the anticipation is building. This week has been a blur of exams, healthy choices and quite a few lazy days. I’ve been loving all things autumn, here’s a little peek


Nars Audacious Lipstick in Ingrid

Favorite Beauty
I’ve always admired vampy make up but my love for wine colored lips has gone on overdrive lately. I’ve been obsessed with this sultry romantic look and fully intend on rocking the look for the remainder of the month.


Favorite Quote


Zara leather high heeled platform ankle boot

Favorite Shoes
Its a no brainer that I’ve been into boots lately, ironic since I live in Bangladesh where winter is almost non existent but who the hell cares.These chunky boots look comfortable, chic and are just dying to be purchased by me!



Favorite Human
I seem to have a ginormous girl crush on style blogger Amelia Liana. She comes to life through my screen and has this wonderful bubbly personality.I love her videos and her blogs and I wish I could be best friends with her.

Au Revoir! xo


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