Friday Favorites

I’ve spent most off the week fighting of a cold and my biggest highlight was the heavenly thanksgiving dinner I feasted on. Over the week I had a chance to reflect over the year and I have so much to be thankful for. My life has changed for the better and it’s been magical. I can only hope that I can keep the ball rolling and end this year on a high note. Here are just some of the things I’ve been loving.


Fashion Favorite

Nothing out of the world here. A classic black ankle boot is a fashion staple, winter essential and it’s been something I can’t stop thinking about.


Favorite Beauty

I’ve been loving everything Charlotte Tilbury’s make up line has to offer and the “Supermodel Look in a Box” is no exception. It’s only available at Selfridges and comes with quite the price tag. Now if I do happen to feel spendy this holiday season, this is the first thing on the list.


Favorite Food

Thanksgiving dinner is the most glorious carb fest I look forward too every year. Stuffing is the food of the gods and now happily in my belly. Enough said.


Favorite TV Show

There was no way for me to not love this show. First off, it’s a prequel to Batman and secondly Ryan (Ben Mckenzie) stars in the show. It’s a win win win.


Favorite Quote

Leave it Seth Cohen to sum up exactly what’s been in my mind in the most cute and quirky way possible.

Happy Thanksgiving
xo Mandy


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