Friday Favorites

December’s off to a great start and as the weather gets cooler, finals dates are getting closer. This is probably the last week of the year I had the chance to be a complete sloth and I have so much to get done before I ring in the new year. Here’s what has grabbed my attention so far


Favorite Beauty

As I’ve grown older I’ve began to prefer lipsticks and matte looks over the glossier ones but lately with the development of non sticky glosses I’ve been fancying a pretty peachy-gold tones for a more glam look this holiday season.


Favorite Staple

Sweater weather is finally here in Dhaka and I’m all up for the cozy-never-sloppy look. I don’t know if it’s deep rooted to my school days but a navy sweater is an absolute must have for me. It’s so versatile and classic look that never goes out of style.


Favorite Moment

After a spell of disappointing matches, a sliver of hope has shined upon Anfield. Liverpool has finally won their past two matches and the most glorious moment for me this week was when Captain Fantastic Steven Gerrard scored the second goal in the match against Leicester City.


Favorite Quote

The days are numbered for 2014 to wrap up, it’s crunch time people! No room for regrets.

Happy December!!
xo Mandy


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