Starfish Bloo

After three months of continuous studying, stress and what felt like never ending exams, I am pleased to say I’m done with medical school and a tropical getaway with the best friend was exactly what the doctor ordered (see what I did there). My 2015 travel diary kicks off in the beautiful sunny island of Bali. We stayed at the W Retreat, which is a spectacular destination all in itself. The hotel is right on the beach and the poolside made it very difficult for us to ever want to leave the premises. I’ve stayed at couple of W hotels in the past and what never fails to impress me is their attention to detail. From the modern interiors, to the pop art work, quirky ambience and the added cozy touches all over the hotel, it’s the perfect place to just get settled and unwind but more on the hotel later.

Since it was our first time in Indonesia, we wanted to try out the local cuisine so we opted for Starfish Bloo, one of the hotel’s restaurants which has an Asian cuisine and is overlooking the beach. The motto for the trip was to try new things, so we left our fate in the hands of our server. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that view.

Spicy Coconut Salad 

I’m usually not a big fan of coconut or asian style salads, but this dish has converted me for the better. It tasted just as good as it looks.

Roasted Duck Maki Roll

Our go to meal of choice is always sushi, so when we saw that the menu offered some interesting maki rolls there was no way of us not trying it. Normally I’m skeptic when there is meat in sushi, but this roll however left me stunned. It was flavourful and light, it made it very hard for me to not gobble up all the pieces myself. 

Jumbo King Prawn Laksa Curry 

This curry is everything. It was creamy, spicy and delicious.

Chocolate Bon Bon

When on vacation, one must never skip dessert. Now although we were pretty full from the previous course, we managed to make some room for what possibly was the best part of the entire meal. These crisp little balls were filled with a warm chocolate sauce and was served over a blueberry and vanilla frozen yoghurt. It was divine.





We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the hotel and were delighted to find these hammocks near the gym. I mean nothing screams beach holiday like a hammock. Given the current food coma we were trying to fight off, it was the perfect place to just relax under the  coconut trees.


xo Mandy


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