During my recent trip to New York, I didn’t have a very long list of places I wanted to visit. One place that made the cut was Spot! Dessert Bar. It has been mentioned and featured on multiple online lists and news sites and it was the only restaurant I had deemed worth a visit. I wasn’t lured by the cronuts or the cookie shots from Daniel Ansel’s bakery (which was only steps away from my hotel), the monstrous milkshake concoctions from Blacktap  or the infamous rainbow bagel. It’s safe to say there is always a new fad making its rounds in a city like New York but I’ve learned better than to investing my time in waiting in never ending queues for something like dessert. However the chocolate green tea lava cake had managed to charm me. I’m an avid lover of chocolate lava cake and a self proclaimed matcha enthusiast, so this little restaurant tucked away in the east village surely deserved a visit.

My friend and I made our way to the restaurant, prepared to wait the lines but luckily we were seated right away. They have a simple menu and we both had mentally already decided what we were going to order but wait something even more mythical awaited us. They had come up with a new pokeball dessert…!!

Yes. An actual pokeball ! 

Okay to make things short I’ve been obsessed with Pokémon since I was about 6 years old and thanks to the Pokémon Go! sweeping through the globe I can live through the fandemonioum all over again! 

So we ordered the dessert tapas with one chocolate green tea lava cake, my friend ordered a golden  toast (the US cousin of a Singaporean staple), a thai iced tea float and the pokeball which is essentially a white chocolate mousse with a mango filling that was accompanied by mango sorbet.

It was glorious. Each bite better than the one preceding it. I can never quite remember to take pictures of my food before digging in but this time I was patient and documented the entire experience. The Pokeball was almost too pretty to eat, almost. I did so anyways and it was delicious! 


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