Lost in Translation

Japan has always been one of the top countries on my travel bucket list. However the trip never seemed to happen. After a lot of planning for over the span of a year, my tickets to Tokyo were booked this March for an impromptu family trip with my grandparents.

Not wanting to sound repetitive but Tokyo is unlike any city I’ve ever visited in my life. No amount of research will prepare you for the sights that await you in the land of the rising sun. With it’s ultra modern techno logic advances  and deep rooted traditions that date from centuries ago, I was left in awe. The two top things I noticed about the city was that it’s one, immaculately clean and two, everyone here is super polite. It was refreshing to be in a part of the world where people will take their time to be courteous and helpful.

There are a million things to do in this gem of a city, from visiting the numerous temples to trying out everything in the glorious Japanese cuisine. I spent the majority of my time in Tokyo with my grandparents, visiting the popular tourist sites. We walked around the Haramikyu gardens, visited all the popular neighborhoods from Shibuya to Harajuku and took many pictures on top of the Tokyo tree. My grandparents were big fans of the temples in Japan. They really are breathtakingly majestic and serene. The Meiji shrine was our over all favorite and my grandparents didn’t mind the long walk through its premises. Fortunately I visited Tokyo in late March and I was lucky enough to see the cherry blossoms to begin to bloom.

The food in Tokyo is worth the visit alone. I’m a huge lover of the Japanese cuisine and its  not restricted to just sushi. We tried the traditional tepanyaki with the kobe beef, tried to infamous katsu at Katsukura, and had a comforting bowl of japanese curry with rice. I’m a true matcha aficionado, from matcha lattes, desserts,ice cream to the traditional hot matcha tea, Tokyo truly satiated my needs.  No trip to Japan would be complete without having sushi and the best way you could try it is omakase style. Whilst I couldn’t make it to the renowned Tsukiji fish market, I had sushi in a trendy little restaurant called Kyubey at the uber chic Ginza district. Mind you, omakase style meals are not directed towards the squimish picky eaters out there. At the beginning of the meal you inform the chef of any dietary restrictions and then you sit back and watch him work his magic. For a set price you try everything your chef hands to you and marvel at his exceptional knife skills. That was by far one of the best meals in my life and sea urchin is a delicacy you must try, if ever given the opportunity.

My trip to Tokyo was everything a traveler could hope for and I cant wait to visit Japan again, hopefully visiting Osaka and Hiroshima too. Be sure to revel in all that Japan has to offer and stock up on those delicious matcha kit kats.














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