Classic Mix

Classic Mix

River Island crop top
260 THB –

Balmain leather jacket
150,905 THB –

Burberry skirt
14,495 THB –

Stuart Weitzman over knee boots
28,280 THB –

Chanel handbag
248,080 THB –


What’s in My Bag

Fun fact, I’m the granny bag lady type and what goes in my bag closely resembles the contents of Hermione Granger’s charmed one. Chances are if you need it, I’ve got it. I like to carry this pouch with me … Continue reading

Fall to Pieces

Fall to Pieces

Rails button up shirt
$170 –

Balmain jacket
$4,385 –

Yves Saint Laurent mini skirt
$1,330 –

Miu Miu black boots

Converse high top
$210 –

Gucci belt

Nars cosmetic

Charlotte Tilbury matte lipstick
$37 –

Chloé chloe perfume