Hong Kong

It’s been a good 8 years since my last visit to Hong Kong back in September 2008. From what I remember of that trip, Hong Kong had an electric buzz that swept through the bustling city that married the eastern … Continue reading

What’s in My Bag

Fun fact, I’m the granny bag lady type and what goes in my bag closely resembles the contents of Hermione Granger’s charmed one. Chances are if you need it, I’ve got it. I like to carry this pouch with me … Continue reading

Do What You Want, Love What You Do

I’m flying out to Los Angeles this evening and I’m travelling with Emirates after two years. I haven’t been in Dubai since 2012 and I’m very excited to be heading back to the beautiful city, their terminal 3 is wonderful and I love wandering about airports. Sounds strange but unless I have an emergency I enjoy the long layovers, it gives me time to explore what some cities have to offer without even going through immigration. It’s a win-win in my books. 

Another special treat about this trip of mine is that I get to fly on the award winning and noteworthy First Class cabin of the Emirates A380 airbus. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling First class on Emirates once before back in 2011 and it is the epitome of luxury. Clearly I’m very excited and I want to document this trip the best way I can on my blog. 

So far I’ve just been going on and on about my journey to Los Angeles. Once I land I’ll be on an another flight to Chandler, AZ for my older brother’s convocation ceremony. He’s finally done with his undergrad at ASU and we’re all very excited. I’ll try to take as many pics as I can over the weekend to share on my blog and I’m going to try to take more risks fashion wise. High time I take it up a notch around here. Then there is always Los Angeles.





Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! So I’ve been busy with dance rehearsals, tests and just catching up with some good friends. I was organising a social event with my friend at our college together and we were busy going over all the … Continue reading